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Wild Tide Yoga offer weekly seasonal yoga classes and monthly immersive retreat evenings.  We also specialise in Pre and Post Natal Yoga and have weekly classes as well as nourishing pregnancy wellness retreats.

Seasonal yoga works by aligning our bodies with the changing energies in nature.  We do this through carefully designed yoga poses and flows to promote optimum health at each time of the year.  The beauty of Seasonal Yoga is that the pace, intention and ambience in our classes will be different at each time of year.  For example in Summer we focus on a more fiery flow to cultivate strength and open our hearts; whereas in Winter classes will be much more Yin and restorative with a focus on rest and introspection.  

All our classes include breathwork to calm the nervous system, meditation to bring stillness to the mind and a yoga flow class tailored to the current season.  We also incorporate Qi Gong and meridian stretches to balance our energies and Yoga Nidra relaxation to bring complete rest to the body and mind.  We use Do Terra Essential Oils in all our classes to infuse the space with a calm and beautifully scented atmosphere.

Our pregnancy yoga classes are a haven of calm for you and your baby, and are specially designed to nurture you throughout your pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards. Specially designed postures help to gently strengthen your changing body as well as help relieve all those common pregnancy aches and pains. We use nourishing breathing practices and gentle meditations throughout our classes to calm the mind, and help you to prepare for birthing your baby. We focus on providing a calm space for you to gently connect with baby as well as building a community of other supportive like-minded mums.

Our Mum and Baby Yoga are designed to nurture both you and your baby through carefully designed yoga poses, breathwork, healing touch and joyful interactions.

We start each class with time to connect and chat with other mums before moving into a gentle yoga flow designed to support post partum healing along with modifications for your baby to join in.

We then move into some playful and loving connecting time for you and baby using gentle touch, songs and rhymes and soothing postures to help baby with digestion, soothe their nervous systems and promote restful sleep.

All our classes feature soothing breath work and gentle meditations which can provide a lovely toolkit for busy new mums and help promote your overall sense of wellbeing and positivity.

Give yourself and your baby the gift of self care and join us for these beautiful empowering classes which aim to leave you feeling calm, connected and with a strong community of supportive like minded mums.

Booking Page: https://www.momoyoga.com/wild-tide-yoga/

Website: https://www.wildtideyoga.com/

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