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It seems like a lifetime ago that we were sitting discussing our 2020 plans for hanem interiors, possibly with a G&T in hand and most definitely sat closer than 2 meters apart.  We were revisiting the conversations that started our journey; wellbeing and sustainability and how they can be both the starting point and the end result of good home design.

Since then, like so many others, our own minds have been racing with thoughts of loved ones, of balancing work and “home school” with fears and with hopes.  Wellbeing is arguably more important than ever before.

The current reality of COVID-19 has affected us all in ways we could never have imagined.  We are still processing and are beginning to accept it’s unlikely we’ll return to life in the same way. But as with any disruption to the status quo, there may come opportunities to reflect, refine and even - to create something better.

Our focus remains on wellbeing and how we bring design that is good for our souls as well as the planet. But we are reconsidering how we understand and communicate that focus.  

Even as we emerge gradually from this lockdown into the next phase, many of us will still be spending more time than ever before in our homes. But what improves one person’s wellbeing, might be a stressful idea for others.  Whilst we are all in this together, everyone’s individual situation is unique.  We are learning to challenge our assumptions more than ever.  

Testing and experimentation pave the way for new innovation and give permission for creativity. We have been using this time to hone our own ability to reflect and to discover what that means for the people we have worked with and for those of you who are interested in following our journey.

We have been inspired by this fantastic blog by Hidden Giants about learning to stop. We are learning how to slow down, we are noticing what happens when we do and we are letting ourselves absorb and channel that feeling.  We are preparing for what this new normal might need from us - and us from it.

But while we evolve and adapt our services, our values remain unchanged. In fact we feel stronger about them than we ever did:

We want to find more ways of guiding owners of spaces to contribute to designs for which they can feel ownership and pride. Design can offer solutions to problems, but the power is so often held in the hands of the designer. Shifting this balance must be the starting point for wellbeing in the home.

We want to help as many people as possible to benefit from good design which improves their wellbeing, not only those that can afford it. So much about the current situation is unfair. The direct impact and its consequences will hit more vulnerable individuals and groups harder.  

We want to help others contribute to Scotland’s ambition to support the circular economy - precycling, local sourcing, reusing upstyling. We wonder how much panic buying of new housey ‘stuff’ we’ve been indulging in to make us feel better?

While we’re taking this time for greater reflection, we’d love to hear more of your thoughts. Please do share your home and East Lothian lockdown ideas and frustrations on this post.

We hope you stay safe and well.  

Hannah & Emma - Hanem Interiors xx

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