SOLAS & DORCHA – Holistic Colour, Design and Style

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Holistic Colour Consultancy.  Interior Design, Wardrobe Consultation, Colour Identity reports and Reiki.

Prescribed Colour for a better way of life.  Change the colours your wear and the colours you surround yourself with and it will change your life.   Solas & Dorcha uses Colour Therapeutics to enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing through Design.  The approach is client focused and unique to each individual client.  Your wellbeing is prioritised and the outcome is to celebrate your true self through beautiful Colour, Design and Style in your home and wardrobe.  Services on offer are

·      Interior Colour Consultancy (Holistic paint consultation for one room of your home)

·      Wardrobe Colour and Style Consultancy (Wardrobe and personal colour consultation with full written report)

·      Reiki Healing

·      Colour identity report with Reiki (Find balance and healing through Colour and Reiki with full written report)

£5 discount off any service for ELL

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Phone -  07921456950