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20% off, PLUS a free t-shirt for ELL token holders with the INDESTRUCTIBLE MUMS HEALTH & FITNESS CHALLENGE

“I know I should get healthier, but I just don’t have time”

(Sound familiar? If so, read on to learn more from Cristian, owner of Indestructible Mums- the health and fitness challenge which is changing lives…..)

That’s what a lot of busy ladies tell me before they join the Indestructible Mums Challenge.  

Can you relate?

I totally get it. I’m a busy parent myself with a busy job.It’s hard at times.

Here’s the thing though, blocking out just 2 hours per week for self care is just 1.1% of your week.

Not much, right?

If you can give us just 2 hours per week here’s how we can help you reach your best:

·       Personalised Nutrition Coaching That'll MakeEating For Results Easy Even With A Busy Family/Professional Life

·       Training made FUN and SOCIAL So You'll NeverNeed To Rely On Willpower Or Motivation

·       Access To A 1-2-1 Coach For Support, Guidance &Accountability So We Can Crush Any Obstacles That Crop Up BEFORE They DerailYou

·       We Even Cover Psychological Coaching With TheHelp Of A Registered ex-NHS Dietitian

Want to get involved?

Then now is a great time to apply for the nextIndestructible Mums 4 Week Challenge.

We’ve helped over 50 ladies already, most of whom are ELLs, but if you’re not thrilled with everything then no worries, we’ll refund every penny.

The first step though is to grab all the details, decide if it’s for you then apply.

We only run these challenges once every six weeks & we are limited in how many people we can take on so apply now:

Hope to see you soon. Cristian

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