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I founded Catching Light Wellness Coaching in January 2021 after 30 years in education. I completed coaching training with the GTCS in 2017 and achieved accreditation with EMCC in 2021.

I offer 1-1 coaching sessions for anyone looking to implement effective life change, or navigate a period of transition, which will lead to a sense of wellbeing. Group sessions can also be facilitated.

In addition to coaching sessions, I am in the process of developing my Being Well programme which has been successfully piloted and will be available in 2023.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds including education, sport and business, and client profiles include senior leaders in education, entrepreneurs, young people from age10 years and young people and adults with neurodiversity.

Utilising a variety of coaching models, depending on the age and background of my clients, I ensure that everyone feels safe, valued and most importantly, listened to.

Sessions can be held online or in person and confidentiality is guaranteed as I adhere to EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

Token holders can have 3 coaching sessions for the price of two. This offer is only available to each token holder once.

I blog every 2 weeks and these are found at

The most recent blog: Wellness Matters Reasons to Be Cheerful 21.01.2023

Contact details:
Charli Prime
Phone: 07477 017717
Instagram: @catching_light_wellness